Emmanuel United Church CE Building Renovations
Ottawa, Ontario

The original church was built in 1962, centered on a 1050 m2 sanctuary (now known as the CE Hall), and was designed with an exposed ‘folded plate’ concrete ceiling/roof. The design is a fine example of mid 20th century building styles and techniques. Originally built in a period of extremely low energy costs and designed with so-called ‘value-engineering’ principles, minimal amounts of thermal insulation were used. In the context of present-day energy costs, predicted future energy costs, and the issues of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, the very low thermal resistance of the exterior enclosures of the CE Building meant the previous exterior enclosure systems are functionally obsolete and are to be completely re-constructed. All the major building systems are as originally constructed, and well past their service life. Interior systems are being replaced entirely as part of the building refurbishment, including finishes, interior doors, equipment, mechanical systems, electrical systems and elevator as part of this LEED certified, adaptive re-use project.

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