St. Julien Canadian Memorial - Conservation
Ypres, Belgium

St. Julien Canadian Memorial is one of thirteen Canadian World War One sites in France and Belgium, which are managed by The Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The focus of the site is a tall sculpture called 'The Brooding Soldier' by sculptor Frederick Clemesha. This design came second place for the Vimy Monument competition. Originally, it was to be repeated at all other Canadian memorial sites, but was only constructed at St. Julien in 1923. The Canadian Battlefield Memorials Project involved the conservation of the thirteen sites to bring these monuments up to standard, and to correct decades of deterioration.

For the St. Julien site, RMA was engaged to undertake field investigations to confirm project scope and determine priorities for available funds, field dimensioning of masonry and paving patterns, develop numbering of same for selective dismantling and reinstatement, design terrace stone backup wall, drainage membranes and a system of dry wells for improved wall performance, design repairs to the Visitor's Box, including new capstones and cleaning, investigate scope of monument cleaning using 'le system de gommage', produce drawings and specifications, including associated budgeting and coordinate construction review performed by local specialist heritage architect (Architecte en Chef des Monuments Historiques).

For more information visit: Veterans Affairs Canada

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